The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) 2014-2021 Program GR-Energy, Programme Area “Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security” is co-financed by EEA-EFTA countries, (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) by 75% and the Hellenic Republic's Public Investment Programme by 25%.

The “GR-Energy” program aims at “energy of lower carbon intensity and increased security of supply” and seeks to “improve Energy Efficiency” through the short and medium-term impact of the program results on stakeholders and target groups. In particular, the “GR-Energy” projects will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of energy consumption, the increase of renewable energy production, increase jobs and improve the dynamics of local communities.

The target groups of the program will be the users and visitors of buildings/infrastructures. The “GR-Energy” projects will serve as demonstrative projects aiming to increase energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure in Greece.

The program contributes to the implementation of demonstrative Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency (EE) projects in Greece, as a pillar of green development, in the context of the country’s European and national obligations. It also seeks to alleviate social and economic inequalities and to strengthen the bilateral cooperation of Member States in the field of RES and EE.